If your spouse cheats, even if your sex life seems to be okay, you may be confused. Why would he/she cheat if sex is not the issue? The surprising fact is that cheating is mostly not about sex.

There could be some other missing factor in your marriage that leads to infidelity. Let\’s take a look at a common reason why people cheat.

 Loss of Bond

Many times, a partner starts up an innocent friendship with another person that leads to an affair.

While it\’s healthy to have friends outside the marriage, if a couple is not spending enough time together and not bonding, then the friendship may start to fill a void.

Have a friend that fills this void can start as an emotional affair, where the spouse discusses personal and private information about him or her and the marriage.

This friendship can quickly turn into an emotional bond—one that is lacking in the marriage. And this can lead to a physical affair.

 What Can Couples Do?

You can prevent emotional affairs from happening in the marriage by keeping your bond secure. Your relationship needs nurturing and attention to thrive and prevent a spouse from feeling rejected for abandoned.

You need to make our partner feel valued and appreciated. There are certain ingredients relationships need to remain stable:

–           Open conversations

–           Emotional honesty

–           Expressed appreciation

 Doing little things for each other, like helping with housework, or planning a date night can go along way in keeping your relationship healthy. Don\’t believe the myth that infidelity is always about sex. It\’s not.

Often, the cheater is looking for something that is missing in the marriage. Whether is it to bond with someone on an emotional level or to feel appreciated, it\’s not just about the physical connection. 

We will talk more on this next week.

Stay tuned.

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