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The marriage institution comes with the promise of having someone to have and hold. A partner
that will love us, with whom we will form a secure base that energies us to conquer and raise
healthy, well-rounded children.

A happy marriage is possible and attainable, but sadly, not everyone achieves it primarily
because many do not know what to do to build a fulfilling marriage relationship. Some people
know unconsciously the skills needed to create and maintain a happy home because the
environment they grew up allowed them to learn these skills. For most of us, however, we have
to learn these skills now if we will have the dream homes we have always desired.
During this course, you decide if your relationship is one that with make the both of you flourish
or whether it is best to hold on your marriage plans. Secondly, it will arm you with the requisite
knowledge to start your marriage journey on a solid footing.

Course content covers the following areas; Communication, Sex and Intimacy, Conflicts, Shared
and Personal dreams, Finance, Values, Spirituality, Trust and Commitment, Background and family
of origin, and In-law relationships.

Commit to going through the whole course and do all the exercises.

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